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It’s a fact. All wrought iron, given enough exposure to time and the elements, will eventually deteriorate. By using some simple and fundamental preventive techniques, however, you can delay the process.


Prior to painting, your first and most important step is to have your wrought iron material metalized (a non-chemical process). This option is especially important if the fence is located within 3 to 5 miles of the ocean, or in a consistently moist environment. The metalizing process virtually eliminates rust and corrosion. Unquestionably, an initial investment in wrought iron metalizing will significantly reduce future maintenance costs and repairs.


Once a property owner has selected the enhanced beauty of wrought iron, it’s critical to protect the investment by painting it with only the highest quality materials. Fence Menders recommends time-tested, excellent oil base primers and finish coats such as Frazee Aro-Plate or Vista Protec. Using products such as these will ensure the integrity of your wrought iron for a longer period of time, again minimizing future maintenance costs. Outdoor exposure will eventually fade wrought iron colors, but the better the grade of paint, the more gradual the fading.


As you plan and design your home’s outside area, work with your landscape maintenance contractor to achieve “smart landscaping or landscaping maintenance.” Whenever metal pickets, pasts or bottom rails are constantly bombarded by hard, recycled water, deterioration is the inevitable result. Work with your contractor to locate potential water/metal danger zones. Look for problem areas: standing water, an abundance of shrubs or ground cover, bottom rails buried under dirt, or the close proximity of sprinkler heads to your wrought iron fence. Then, make the necessary adjustments before any deterioration can occur. Again, metalizing will help delay deterioration. However, a relentless daily barrage of water will eventually take its toll.


Another fundamental step in wrought iron maintenance is to schedule yearly inspections by a qualified, experienced wrought iron contractor. Once the deterioration process begins, it’s already too late for standard maintenance. Fence Menders contractors can proactively spot trouble areas before extensive physical damage occurs, will suggest corrective measures, and will work with you to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Feel free to contact Fence Menders for any wrought iron concerns you may have – installation, painting, repair, replacement – or to schedule an inspection.

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